Bazaar Poster
Every year my mom organizes a church bazaar that takes place in fall. When I was first starting out a designer, she asked me to design the posters and other signage for the event, and since I do the marketing every year, she is my longest standing client! The challenge with these posters is to make a church event feel open to all in the community.

Stop-Motion Saturdays ... 01
In an attempt to get my head away from the computer for an hour or two (at least on weekends), I have decided to start a small, independent project - "stop-motion Saturdays." I have always loved how this medium relies on the simple notion of sequencing for its material. Also, as someone who only has a still camera, this is my only way of creating "original footage." Hope you enjoy.


Children's design

I have recently been working for Corus Entertainment, a big media company in Canada doing motion design. With a number of channels devoted solely to children (YTV, Teletoon, Treehouse, etc.) they are arguably the best at designing for this demographic in the country. Although I have worked on a number of their non-children's brands, I have been inspired by the way Corus' designers/animators explore styles and solutions to the evermore challenging problem of communicating to young people. I did this board for self-development - I wanted to see if I could come up with an idea/design that would work for a kids platform. What do you think? I have to say, the jury is still out on whether or not I could design for the creative bastions that are the "youth."

Sky-high design
I used to think that web design was particularly impressive because of the unique hurdles the platform poses. However, after designing a few concepts for inflight entertainment interfaces, I have changed my mind.