It's pretty cold this morning, but I couldn't help taking advantage of my first day of mini-vacation with some icy, beach shots.



I finally worked up the courage to "chill" at the skate park by my house.


L.I.F.E. Moves
On Saturday night I had the privilege of photographing Celebration of Life, a Dinner and Dance Gala for the L.I.F.E. for Health organization, and sponsored by Rogers Communications. The organization recognizes the importance of Livelihood, Infrastructure, Food and Education for the well-being of all people, and implements their initiatives through simple, straightforward methods. To learn more, check out: http://www.lifeforhealth.org/Welcome.html
These are just the outtakes, some artsy fun. More of the actual people to come!


Penny Black
Business Card. This is a new company for which I am doing the full identity including logos, business cards, website design, etc. More to come!


Sundance Promo
The Sundance Channel was recently launched in Canada. I was on the team that developed all of the motion graphics for broadcast. I also helped direct the online effort. This is a promo beginning that I designed and animated.


More Rejection!
Here's another campaign concept left on the cutting-room floor.


Here are some recent ideas that ended up on the cutting room floor... more to come!


Old Dog, New Tricks
Have been thinking about a friend this week, so I thought I would re-visit a photo I took of her dog a while back. It's always nice to go back and try something new - in this case, a treatment that I thought reflected the age of the photo...


I take the trail to work every day on my bike. This morning I thought I would bring my camera along to capture some of the scenery. One of these days I am going to strap a camera on my head and record the entire 10-k...