It's the last few minutes of movember and so this post is particularly timely... a friend of mine found himself at odds with his 'stache ... He is usually a pretty clean-cut guy and compared his furry accessory to "a houseguest who has overstayed his welcome." I created a happy stash to help him get through the final moments.


a portrait
This is my uncle Scott. He lives in Ottawa. He is an amazing artist and chef.


random screen grab
From a brief stint art directing Report on Small Business Magazine for The Globe and Mail.


happy engagement photos,
Alexis and Jay!
Today, my best friend Alexis and her partner Jay are getting their engagement photos taken. I wanted to do something special for them ... so I made them this tote. My process was pretty simple: I hand-drew lettering, made a stencil, and then spray painted! The whole project was inspired by a brilliant portrait by Max Wanger (http://maxwanger.com/), however, the phrase also has a special meaning to Alexis - she always says this to Jay! See more of their adorable engagement session here.
Bag Photo credit: Jason Priest, Engagement photos by Jenn Stark Photographers


Jaclyn's Bachelorette Jars
I've been so lucky to be involved in my two best friends' weddings. This past weekend, we celebrated Jaclyn's bachelorette. My friend Alexis and I were tasked with styling the hotel room for the pre-drink. We decided on a Mariah Carey "glitter" theme. Although I love the glitter tops and that each attendee had her own personal bejeweled jar, my favourite part was that we glued Jaclyn's Mariah-ified face to the bottom so that you saw it when you took the last sip of your drink. Ah, the little things.