I have been on an indefinite hiatus from blogging for the last little while. A few reasons for this: my sister's wedding, followed by a trip to Seattle, Portland and Argentina. Boom. Not a bad excuse, eh? But, I am back in Toronto and now have the time to share some of the work I have been doing over the past few weeks. So, expect a few posts this week and next in what I am calling the "caffeinated blogging spree", or simply, "a lot of posts in a short time to compensate for the lost time." Above photo is me in Seattle embarking on my city-wide coffee crawl. Photo credit: Jonah.


  1. Wow, how did I have absolutely no idea that you were going to Argentina after the wedding mayhem???

  2. Neither did I! It sort of just ended up working out that way. Two weeks opened up and I just made the executive decision to get out of dodge!