Communicating Technology
A while ago I was asked to come up with a wall and scrim design that would create the ambiance for a booth at the WAEA conference (World Airline Entertainment Association). There were a few stipulations:

1) logo + their colours (purple) prominent
2) brand messaging catch phrases i.e. expect the unexpected, surprise & delight
3) message that Spafax is "ahead of their time" in the industry, or that they were using the most groundbreaking technology

After much deliberation (CLICK HERE to see a previous post with other options), I decided that the catch phrase "surprise and delight" provided a way to peak interest in a fast and simple way. Paired with the photo of a metropolis slightly askew and the sharp lens flare, the message became: "Spafax exceeds expectations, takes the clients to exciting, new heights." This allowed me to get to the idea of technology without going too "industrial" in aesthetic. If I could choose one thing about this that I think is most success, it is that I feel it communicates "technologically advanced" without relying on nuts, bolts and futuristic gimmicks. Instead, I went for frontiers, heights, wonder.

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